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Sunrise Coding Screensaver

The sunrise coding screensaver is a special slideshow screensaver
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Sunrise Coding
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6 September 2011

Editor's review

Screensavers seems to attract nearly every computer user as it unfolds on their screen an interesting mash of images and sounds. Many of us keep search the web to find an interesting screensaver that suits our taste. Now imagine if it was possible for you to create your own screensaver without and play your favorite images. It would be simply great to create a screensaver of the memorable wedding in the family that you had attended or the exciting adventure trip you went on. Such a personalized screensaver can give you the pleasure of showcasing the images on a large screen and displays your favorite moments with a whole group. Well you can do it now with the help of Sunrise Coding Screensaver 1.0.8 which allows you create your custom screensaver from any image gallery placed either in web or at your local system.

To set up the application you need to first install it and then configure the screensaver by visiting the control panel. You will get options to add images from your local system in a given manner. You can also place a link to a Picassa image gallery and ask application to draw images from it. You can preview the slideshow before you set the screensaver to play. The screensaver offers you the flexibility to set picture change time and you can decide the time gap between the two images to appear. It also gives you options to tailor the scroll effect like setting it at random. Further you can sequence the images using sort mode and select the way they appear on screen. If you wish you can also display the name of the file when the screensaver plays on.

For it capacity to quickly create interesting screensavers of your favorite images added in a sequence of your choice, we mark the application with a score of 3 rating stars on a range of 5.

Publisher's description

The sunrise coding screensaver is a special slideshow screensaver. Select a local folder with pictures or enter a picasa username. The screensaver will show you the pictures in a slideshow. If you entered a picasa username then you can also select if you like to watch all pictures from all galleries of the user or just pictures of one gallery. Choose the random or picture by picture mode and other effects.
Sunrise Coding Screensaver
Sunrise Coding Screensaver
Version 1.0.8
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